Engineered to Push Further

Diamond-Drives has a reputation for quality chains made to outlast and outperform – helping to push your applications further, reduce costs and extend the life of your machines and their chain drive.

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Roller Chain for Your Designs

Diamond® and Drives® are now part of The Timken Company’s growing portfolio of engineered bearings and industrial motion products. Manufactured to be the perfect fit for your applications, our expansive chain offering will help keep your machines running efficiently. If your machine has a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Diamond or Drives product, our experts are ready to work with you to provide engineered solutions to meet all your chain drive requirements.

Engineering Excellence

Our team of engineers brings extensive technical experience and industry expertise – partnering with our customers to analyze chain applications and apply practical, real world insight toward finding the right solution.

High-Quality Fabrication

Fine attention to detail during our fabrication process gives our roller chains tighter tolerances, precise inner dimensions, and higher fatigue strength – preloaded at up to 50% of the chain’s tensile strength to make run-in wear virtually nonexistent.

Custom Solutions

Diamond-Drives provides expert solutions for challenging applications and new drive design with made-to-order chain solutions designed to your unique speed, load and environment specifications.

Diamond-Drives Products

From standard roller chains to custom-designed products, Diamond-Drives exceeds industry standards to set the bar on quality, performance, and value – delivering tough solutions that are the perfect fit for our customers’ tough applications. The result? Chains that push further to help reduce your operation’s downtime and increase production.

Diamond® Chain

With more than a century of experience, Diamond® products are built to optimize your machine’s longevity and performance. Diamond precision roller chains meet or exceed ASME / ANSI B29.1 standards for dimensions, interoperability, and sprocket fit.

Drives® Chain & Augers

Drives® engineered class chains, roller chains and augers are designed to provide long-wear life for specific applications – and have been trusted for over six decades to enhance operations in some of the toughest industries.

Exceed Your Goals with Personalized Support

Our services continue following the purchase of your roller chain. Diamond-Drives customers receive maintenance education and ongoing technical support to ensure our solutions continue to perform.

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Industries That Count On Diamond-Drives

Our commitment to excellence adds value, safety and efficiency to operations in a wide range of industries across the globe.


Food & Beverage

Oil & Gas

Concrete & Aggregate

Forestry & Paper

General Industry

Material Transport

Metal Processing



About Diamond-Drives

Diamond-Drives by Timken helps industries push further with a combined 195 years of advanced engineering knowledge and experience. By bringing together Diamond and Drives, each with longstanding reputations in the industry, we’re able to further strengthen our commitment to high quality products and service. Learn more about the Diamond-Drives reputation for manufacturing quality chains – and how we’re growing to meet the evolving needs of the industries we serve.

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From product FAQs to technical drawings, Diamond-Drives provides the resources to make your project a success.

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