Oil & Gas

In the high-pressure and punishing environments of oil and gas applications, Diamond® and Drives® products provide unsurpassed efficiency, durability, and performance.

Reliable Products for the Harshest Conditions

Our products used in the oil and natural gas industries are subjected to some of the highest loads and harshest operating conditions. As a result, chains used in the oil and gas industry must undergo strict performance testing.

Diamond-Drives’s high standards and attention to detail mean longer chain life and reduced costs for oil and gas operations. Our products help customers make significant reductions in maintenance and replacement time – and are backed by technical support to keep operations running smoothly.


Reduce your oil & gas operation’s downtime with high-performance ANSI roller chain, heavy series chain, ISO carbon steel chain and more solutions from Diamond-Drives.

Choosing the Chain for Your Application

Use our Chain Configurator or Chain Engineer Mobile Web App for assistance selecting the right chain for your application. If you have a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Diamond®️ or Drives®️ chain, we would be excited to partner with you to provide custom-manufactured solutions to meet your specific needs.

Chain Configurator

Build and download a custom chain within a full 3D window with this state-of-the-art web app.

Chain Engineer

Explore our suite of mobile-friendly tools to help in the maintenance and selection of chain driven applications.