When it comes to agricultural equipment – hay balers to tractors, cotton pickers to citrus sorters – your machinery is only as strong as the chain or auger that keeps it running. Don’t let your chain be the weak link when it comes to keeping your operations moving. Diamond-Drives offers high-quality, high-value chain you can depend on.

Protect Your Bottom Line in the Fields

Our agriculture specialists understand the unique challenges you face. Whether you’re looking for precision roller chain chain for high-shock applications like hay baling, or specialized attachment roller chain to size and sort fruit and vegetables, our experienced staff can help you define your needs and determine which type of agriculture chain offers your operation the best value, durability, and efficiency.

Diamond® and Drives® products are held to a tighter range of performance with products that meet or exceed ASME/ANSI chain requirements for maximum strength and wear life. We provide quality control that goes above and beyond the industry standard. Plus, specialists work with agriculture customers at any point in a machine’s lifecycle to offer high-value solutions that increase your productivity and bottom line.

Choosing the Chain for Your Application

Use our Chain Configurator or Chain Engineer Mobile Web App for assistance selecting the right chain for your application. If you have a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Diamond®️ or Drives®️ chain, we would be excited to partner with you to provide custom-manufactured solutions to meet your specific needs.

Chain Configurator

Build and download a custom chain within a full 3D window with this state-of-the-art web app.

Chain Engineer

Explore our suite of mobile-friendly tools to help in the maintenance and selection of chain driven applications.