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Chain Engineer Mobile Web App

Chain Engineer is a collection of robust tools designed to assist in the selection and maintenance of chain driven applications. Interchange chain and attachments, select the right drive chain or conveyor chain for your job, and track elongation of leaf chain, roller chain or kiln drier chain. Easy to use and accessible as a desktop or mobile app for use in the office and on location.

Chain Configurator

The Drives® and Diamond® Chain Configurator is a state-of-the-art configurator which allows customers to build a custom chain within a full 3D window. Chains can then be downloaded into any 3D format needed or published to a PDF to allow for simple ordering with your Drives or Diamond customer service. Start building your own custom chain here.


Application Guides

Product Tools

Products that help you manage Diamond® and Drives® chains.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to quality preserves the integrity of the Timken brand, not to mention the confidence we’ve built with our customers. That’s why we invest millions of dollars each year in R&D, training and process improvement – to ensure that customers receive consistent quality from Timken products, no matter where in the world they were manufactured.

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