Food & Beverage

At Diamond-Drives, we know how heavily the food and beverage industry relies on dependable and safe equipment for high volume production lines. We apply our rigorous standards for excellence and durability to products designed to reduce costs and downtime for food production applications.

Tailored to Your Production and Packaging Needs

Food processing is a large industry with subcategories, and each has special needs and requirements. Some carry heavy loads, some are subjected to high temperatures, and others endure frequent washdowns. Each requires reliable chain to move product quickly and efficiently, and above all – ensure the safety of the equipment that processes our food. To support food and beverage processing applications, we offer attachment roller chain with a wide variety of standard and custom attachments to meet your production and packaging needs.

All of our attachment roller chain and made-to-order chain is produced by hand to ensure precise length matching, which reduces waste and abrasion on machinery and packaging. Our food production roller chain uses FDA-approved materials and food-grade lubricants to protect the chain’s strength and integrity while ensuring food safety. For food processing environments that require corrosion resistance, we offer various stainless steel, nickel plated, and zinc-nickel plated products while maintaining food safety requirements.

Choosing the Chain for Your Application

Use our Chain Configurator or Chain Engineer Mobile Web App for assistance selecting the right chain for your application. If you have a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Diamond®️ or Drives®️ chain, we would be excited to partner with you to provide custom-manufactured solutions to meet your specific needs.

Chain Configurator

Build and download a custom chain within a full 3D window with this state-of-the-art web app.

Chain Engineer

Explore our suite of mobile-friendly tools to help in the maintenance and selection of chain driven applications.