Heavy Series Chain

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Heavy Series Chain

Just like our Standard Series, Diamond® Heavy Series roller chain is built to ANSI B29.1 standards for dimensions, interoperability and sprocket fit. The difference between the two is the thickness of the link plates. Heavy Series roller chain utilizes thicker link plates for increased fatigue resistance.

  • H Series: Contains a case-hardened pin and heavier link plates for increased fatigue strength and wear life in high speed or abrasive applications.
  • HS Series: Contains a through-hardened pin and heavier link plates for high load or pulsating applications.

We also offer an S Series chain with through-hardened pins and standard link plates for select applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Materials

    The Diamond Difference begins with raw materials that meet exacting standards for metal grade, mechanical properties, carbon and alloy content to ensure minimization of impurities that impact tensile and fatigue strength.

  • Fabrication

    Diamond designs each component to exacting dimensional standards for optimal performance. Precision ground pins, seamless rollers and extruded solid bushings work in concert with linkplates created using a proprietary multi-stage process to maximize the bearing area and thus enable the superior performance of Diamond® Heavy Series roller chain. Heavy Series chain also utilizes thicker linkplates for increased fatigue resistance.

  • Heat Treatment

    Strict control of atmosphere, time and temperature optimize the material properties – increasing strength, durability and wear resistance.

  • Shot Peening

    Proprietary shot peening equipment was developed specifically to ensure consistent intensity and coverage of components. Shot peening adds a layer of compressive stress that helps components resist fatigue failure when exposed to repeated high loads.

  • Lubrication

    We use a proprietary lubrication process on all lubricated chains for enhanced corrosion protection and extended wear life.

  • Preloading

    Following assembly, all chains are preloaded to firmly seat the pins and bushings. This is to reduce initial run-in and extend the wear life of the chain.



Concrete & Aggregate

Food & Beverage

Forestry & Paper

General Industry

Material Transport

Metal Processing


Oil & Gas


Sugar Mill

Choosing the Chain for Your Application

Use our Chain Configurator for assistance selecting the right chain for your application. Have a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Diamond® chain? Our team of engineers is ready to partner with you to identify solutions and manufacture custom chain to your unique specs.

Chain Configurator

Build and download a custom chain within a full 3D window with this state-of-the-art web app.

Chain Engineer

Explore our suite of mobile-friendly tools to help in the maintenance and selection of chain driven applications.