ISO/British Standard Stainless Steel Chain

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ISO/British Standard Stainless Steel Chain

Built to ISO standards, Diamond® Stainless Steel chain is engineered for applications involving frequent water washdowns or exposure to chemicals, commonly found in food processing, packaging or medical applications. Its corrosion resistance is supplemented by superior wear and fatigue performance. With our technical, manufacturing and distribution resources, we aim to deliver innovative products with unrivaled quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Materials

    The Diamond Difference begins with allow steels that meet exacting standards of impact tensile and fatigue strength.

  • Fabrication

    Diamond manufactures each component to exacting standards for optimal performance. What makes this chain “corrosion resistant?” To create ISO Stainless Steel chain, we use stainless steel to provide extra protection against high-corrosion environments.

  • Heat Treatment

    Strict control of atmosphere, time and temperature optimize the material properties – increasing strength, durability and wear resistance.

  • Shot Peening

    Shot peening process improves fatigue resistance by applying consistent compressive stresses.

  • Lubrication

    Enhanced corrosion protection and extended wear life are provided by initial factory lubrication and “hot dip” process.

  • Preloading

    Chains are dynamically preloaded to firmly seat the pins and bushings. This reduces initial run-in and extends wear life.


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Material Transport