Diamond Autoclave Sterilizer Case Study

A Solution for the General Industry
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The Challenge

A pet food producer wanted to extend chain life on their sterilization feeders. These chain-driven conveyors transfer canned goods into autoclave ovens to be sterilized for food longevity. On average, the competitor’s chain was only lasting 10 months due to frequent exposure to chemicals.

The Solution

To increase chain life in this application, Diamond experts recommended replacing the competitor’s chain with Diamond® British Standard Oval Contour Chain made from stainless steel for increased corrosion-resistance. Oval contour link plates offer maximum rigidity in fatigue-critical applications. Since this application required British Standard chain, the Diamond chain was constructed to ISO standards for dimensions, interoperability and sprocket fit.

The Result

At time of publication, the pet food producer had been running Diamond chain for over 24 months with no issues and minimal wear. Considering total replacement and downtime costs, each sterilization feeder is projected to save $45,000 over the life of the chain. Since the facility uses four feeders, the estimated total savings is $180,000.