Diamond Drywall Oven Conveyor Case Study

A Solution for the Forest Products Industry
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The Challenge

A leading drywall manufacturer was experiencing excessive downtime on its drywall oven conveyor. Excessive dust from the application created an abrasive environment for the chain’s pins, resulting in premature wear. The drywall manufacturer was forced to remove excess slack every six weeks and replace the competitor’s chain every four months.

The Solution

To solve the issue, Diamond experts recommended our EHT pins. EHT (Enhanced Hardening Treatment) pins are an optional heat treatment process available on most carbon steel Diamond® roller chains. EHT pins have undergone a unique case-hardening process that maintains the pin hardness in high speed, high temperature or abrasive environments. These difficult environments can reduce the hardness of a typical pin, resulting in decreased wear performance and life. As such, EHT pins offer superior wear performance.

The Result

Factoring in both downtime and replacement costs, the switch to Diamond EHT pins saved the drywall manufacturer $17,354 after one year and is projected to save $89,579 after five years.