Diamond Pallet Conveyor Case Study

A Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry
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The Challenge

A leading sports drink manufacturer wanted to increase its rate of production. The competitor’s chain could not sustain an increase in speed and weight of the pallets carrying sports drinks. As such, a stronger chain with increased longevity was desired.

The Solution

To solve this issue, Diamond experts recommended our High Strength series chain. Diamond® High Strength chains utilize thicker linkplates and medium carbon through-hardened pins. A thicker linkplate adds increased fatigue resistance in applications involving heavy shock loads. Medium carbon through-hardened pins provide higher tensile strength, working load, and fatigue strength in high load, lifting or pulsing applications.

The Result

Factoring in both downtime and replacement costs, the switch to Diamond High Strength series chain increased wear life from 12 weeks to 52 weeks. This increase saved the manufacturer $241,829 after one year and is projected to save $1,209,145 after five years.