Diamond Thermoforming Case Study

A Solution for the Packaging Industry
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The Challenge

A styrofoam tray manufacturer was experiencing premature chain wear on its thermoforming machine. In this application, the competitor’s chain transported styrofoam sheets into a machine where they were formed into trays used for meat packaging.

The styrofoam manufacturer noticed that the competitor’s chain was traveling out of alignment. It is important that the chains travel and wear evenly; otherwise, the styrofoam sheets would become misaligned and lead to high rates of scrap. Because of the chain misalignment, the production lines had to be stopped so the flights could be adjusted and realigned.

The Solution

To solve this issue, Diamond experts recommended Diamond series sticker lug attachment chain with Class 1 length matching. Designed specifically for thermoforming conveyance applications, these chains feature precise, pointed tips on the link plates. We offer two levels of length matching – Class 1 and Class 2. Length matching verifies that applications using multiple chains remain in proper relation to each other. For Class 1, it ensures the longest and shortest chains in a set do not vary in length by more than 0.006” per foot.

The Result

After replacing the competitor’s product with Diamond® series sticker lug attachment chain, the styrofoam manufacturer no longer had to take the production lines down to manually realign the chains. The savings in replacement chain cost totaled $3,500 per application, per year.