Drives Cat Food Case Study

A Solution for the General Industry
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The Challenge

A pet food producer wanted to extend chain life on their feed conveyors. These automatic conveyors transfer canned goods into 11 tube-shaped ovens to be sterilized for food longevity. The conveyors were subjected to incidental washdowns and repeated heavy loads, causing the competitor’s chain to be replaced every six months.

The Solution

To solve this issue, Drives experts recommended replacing the competitor’s chain with Drives® 80-2 Extended Life CHP® chrome-hardened pin chain. Chrome-hardened pins provide an extremely hard, durable surface to decrease the wear between the pin and bushing. This reduces chain elongation, extending wear life as a result.

The Result

At time of publication, Drives 80-2 Extended Life CHP chain had exceeded the competitor’s chain by 12 months. Considering total replacement costs, production loss and maintenance interventions, the switch has saved the pet food producer $22,678 per oven.