Diamond CTI Kit Case Study

A Solution for the Oil & Gas Industry
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The Challenge

A leading oil field service company was experiencing premature chain wear on a variety of its coiled tubing injectors. While the competitor’s chain was wearing too quickly, the rest of the coiled tubing injector kit was still suitable for use.

The existing supplier was only able to provide full replacement assemblies—including both the chain components and the gripper blocks, carrier blocks and bearings—which cost roughly 10x that of the individual chain. The customer wanted 1) a chain that would last longer than the competitor’s chain, and 2) to be able to purchase the chain only should it require replacement.

The Solution

To solve the issue, Diamond recommended its oilfield chain injector kit. This custom CTI kit featured Diamond® ANSI chain components, which were then assembled by the oilfield service company.

Starting from high quality steel, this product is manufactured to exacting dimensional standards and heat treated to increase strength, durability and wear resistance. Consistent shot peen intensity helps components resist fatigue failure.

The Result

The switch to Diamond Chain increased service life by 30% and led to purchase cost savings of $73,200 per year. Additionally, the oil company would be able to buy replacement chain components in the future.