Diamond Log Deck Case Study

A Solution for the Forest Products Industry
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The Challenge

A national logging company, using a competitor’s chain, needed to replace its #160-2 cottered chain roughly every two months due to premature chain breakage. This frequent breakage resulted in 6.5 chain replacements per year at a cost of $8,000 per downtime incident.

The Solution

As a solution, Diamond Chain recommended its Standard Series chain. With the strict standards of the Diamond Difference, Diamond’s Standard Series chains are bar none. From materials to post-assembly, the Diamond Difference ensures a high quality, long lasting product.

Materials – high quality steel with minimal impurities offers increased tensile and fatigue strength

Fabrication – exacting dimensional standards offer optimal performance by ensuring components fit together as precisely as possible

Heat Treatment – strict atmosphere and quench control optimizes material properties to increase strength, durability, and wear resistance

Shot Peening – consistent shot peen intensity and coverage adds a layer of compressive stress that helps components resist fatigue failure when exposed to repeated high loads

Lubrication – proprietary lubrication enhances corrosion protection and lessens the effects of friction to increase chain life

Preloading – pre-stressing the finished product reduces initial “stretching” to extend chain wear life

The Result

The switch to Diamond Standard Series chains increased wear life from eight weeks to 26 weeks, saving the company $43,000 over one year. Additionally, the company is projected to see a savings of $216,000 over five years.