Diamond Recycling Case Study

A Solution for the Paper & Pulp Industry
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The Challenge

A leading packaging and automation company was experiencing frequent downtime on its paper recycling drum screen line. This particular line was subject to very humid atmosphere, which can cause chain failure when the moisture permeates the chain joints and induces accelerated rusting. The packaging and automation supplier decided to replace the chain and to install an automated lubrication system to keep the chain lubricated and rust-free.

The Solution

To solve the issue, Diamond recommended its Standard Series chain. From materials to post-assembly, Diamond® Standard Series chains are designed to endure demanding shock loads and provide extended wear life.

Starting from high quality steel, this product is manufactured to exacting dimensional standards and heat treated to increase strength, durability and wear resistance. Consistent shot peen intensity helps components resist chain failure. Then, proprietary lubrication and pre-stressing of the finished product aim to extend chain wear life.

The Result

After replacing the competitor’s chain with Diamond Standard Series chain and installing an automated lubrication system, the wear life increase from 16 weeks to 104 weeks. This increase in service life saved the company $71,442 after one year and $357,210 after five years.