Diamond Foam Carton Case Study

A Solution for the Packaging Industry
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The Challenge

A polystyrene foam carton manufacturer was experiencing uneven chain elongation on its carton printing machine. Due to the unevenness of the competition’s parallel chains, cartons were not lining up correctly with the ink spray. Each downtime incident that occurred would cost the manufacturer $4,600 per line.

The Solution

To solve the issue, Diamond recommended its Standard Series chain with Class 2 matching. Diamond offers two levels of length matching – Class 1 and Class 2. Length matching verifies that applications using multiple chains remain in proper relation to each other. For Class 2, it ensures the longest and shortest chains in a set do not vary in length by more than 0.006″ per foot.

Diamond® Standard Series chains are designed to endure demanding shock loads and provide extended wear life. This product is manufactured to exacting dimensional standards and heat treated to increase strength, durability and wear resistance.

The Result

After replacing the competing product with Diamond® Standard Series chain, the manufacturer saved $14,300 after one year and is projected to save $71,500 after five years.