Diamond Pork Dehair Case Study

A Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry
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The Challenge

A leading meat processing company was experiencing continual pin breakage on its pork de-hairing line. The pins were cracking in the center as a direct result of the abrasive pork hair getting stuck in the chain joints. An additional issue included occasional shock loads experienced during line stops and restarts. Due to these circumstances, the competitor’s chain on this line was being replaced every five weeks at a cost of $60,000 per downtime hour.

The Solution

To solve this issue, Diamond recommended its Standard Series chain. From materials to post-assembly, Diamond® Standard Series chains are designed to endure demanding shock loads and provide extended chain wear life.

Starting from high quality steel, this product is manufactured to exacting dimensional standards and heat treated to increase strength, durability and wear resistance. Consistent shot peen intensity helps components resist chain failure. Then, proprietary lubrication and pre-stressing of the finished product aim to extend chain wear life.

The Result

The switch to Diamond Standard Series chains increased wear life from five weeks to 20 weeks, saving the company $487,900 over one year. Additionally, the company is projected to see a savings of $2,440,000 over five years.