Diamond Quench Tank Case Study

A Solution for the Automotive Industry
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The Challenge

A leading manufacturer in the automotive industry was experiencing issues with its component heat treating line. At the end of the treatment, all components are dipped into quench tanks to cool them down. Unfortunately, this process caused their current chain to rust and develop tight joints, which led to replacement within six weeks of use.

The Solution

The automotive manufacturer selected Diamond’s anti-corrosion exterior (ACE) plated chain as a solution for this application. Diamond ACE® chain has an electrically bonded, protective exterior plating which is an ideal solution for chain used in high moisture environments. All component parts are thoroughly treated, preventing internal rust from seeping out and causing contamination. Diamond® also includes a protective lubrication to provide corrosion protection and extended wear distance.

The proprietary plating serves as a barrier to preserve the chain’s physical and structural integrity, as well as providing superior protection against water, salt water and humidity. Even with the constant quench tank baths, the automotive manufacturer experienced amazing results; using ACE chain doubled the life of the chain, saving them significant time and money.

The Result

With a switch to Diamond ACE chain, this manufacturer would see an increase in six weeks of service life in addition to purchase cost savings of $21,300 per year.