Helicoid Augers

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Drives® Helicoid Augers are often used in screw conveyors for moving bulk materials, but you may be wondering…How is a helicoid auger made? Flighting is cold rolled into a continuous one-piece helicoid screw. Its smooth, hard surface has a tapered cross-section across the conveying face, weighs lighter than sectional augers and lacks transition seams. Helicoid augers can be mounted to a tube or pipe, if needed. Although carbon is the default material, this product is also available in stainless steel material for enhanced corrosion resistance.

Features & Benefits

  • Quality Construction

    For over sixty years, Drives has become a leader in the auger industry. We believe in the integrity of systems, processes and manufacturing standards to provide you quality and satisfaction.

  • Performance

    We manufacture augers to fit your product parameters, tolerances and specifications to demonstrate the performance levels you expect from a quality supplier. With our unique heat treatment and additive manufacturing, our augers are capable of maintaining its quality in high-wear environments.

  • Endless Applications

    Our augers are used across a wide range of industries on various pieces of equipment, such as combines, feed systems and wagons, asphalt pavers, post hold diggers, mixers, snowblowers and much more.

  • Customized to OEM Specifications

    We design and manufacture augers in-house for OEM (Original Equipment Manaufacturer) customers’ specifications, used most often on combines as well as for conveying and digging.

  • Product Offerings

    Drives offers helicoid and sectional augers, mounted or unmounted, in carbon or stainless steel. We aim to fit your application, whatever that may be.



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Food & Beverage

General Industry

Material Transport

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