Just by looking at Drives® T-Rod chain, you may not know that it is a chain at all – lacking the pins, bushings or rollers commonly associated with chain products. Instead, T-Rod features angle-iron flights that are welded directly to the links. These resist stretching, causing fewer adjustments and less maintenance on spreader equipment.

Features & Benefits

  • Materials

    Starting with the best materials leads to higher strength and better wear life. Our manufacturing process begins with raw materials that meet exacting standards for metal grade, mechanical properties, carbon and alloy content to ensure minimization of impurities that impact tensile and fatigue strength.

  • Fabrication

    Drives designs each component to exacting dimensional standards for optimal performance. Our T-Rod chain deviates from the “norm” in that it does not have pins, rollers or bushings. Angle-iron flights are welded directly to the links, causing fewer adjustments and less maintenance.

  • Heat Treatment

    Strict control of atmosphere, time and temperature optimize the material properties – increasing strength, durability and wear resistance.

  • Lubrication

    We use a proprietary lubrication process on all lubricated chains for enhanced corrosion protection and extended wear life.



Choosing the Chain for Your Application

Use our Chain Configurator or Chain Engineer Mobile Web App for assistance selecting the right chain for your application. If you have a challenging demand beyond the scope of a standard Drives® chain, we would be excited to partner with you to provide custom-manufactured solutions to meet your specific needs.

Chain Configurator

Build and download a custom chain within a full 3D window with this state-of-the-art web app.

Chain Engineer

Explore our suite of mobile-friendly tools to help in the maintenance and selection of chain driven applications.