Diamond Tomato Packaging Case Study

A Solution for the Food & Beverage Industry
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The Challenge

A produce packaging company was looking for improved chain wear life on a tomato sizing machine. Due to very damp and acidic working conditions, the company’s current roller chain would last no more than a month—much less than the expected 140 days.

The Solution

During analysis, Diamond by Timken discovered that tomatoes were not the sole reason behind the company’s corroded roller chain. The load of the machine was also too large for the current chain to handle. In order to meet these unique challenges, Diamond recommended switching to a larger corrosion resistant or specially lubricated chain.

Diamond’s Ring Leader O-Ring chain was ultimately selected for this application. O-Ring chain is designed to be maintenance-free and is built to keep out contaminants that build up and damage the surface area of the chain. Its sealed-in lubrication provides additional protection—reducing wear, elongation and increasing service life.

The Result

With a switch to Diamond Ring Leader O-Ring chain, this produce packaging manufacturer would see savings of $60,300 after one year and $301,498 after five years.